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Welcome to the NEW

In celebration of our 50th anniversary we have refreshed our website with a new look and feel...

Over the last several months we have worked to craft a website that provides our customers with a new experience. Our goal was to create a mobile friendly and visually appealing resource that is rich in content and provides on demand product data.

As you explore, you will notice many things have changed from our previous design. The home page is bright and uncluttered, with multiple tools just a click away. Our new online product catalog brings an interactive element and is now more useful than ever. Navigating through our product lines has become painless; products can be viewed at section, category or single item level. Technical information such as spec sheets, SDS and certifications are linked to corresponding part numbers and are readily available. A simple search using the home page search engine will generate quick and precise results.

We are very excited about the launch of our new website and we hope you find the new features and resources useful. Since our founding in 1965 our aim has been to provide solutions that make our customers jobs easier; the new now has the information you need, when you need it.

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